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12 year old Rothesay boy, Calum Speirs lost his fight for life little more than a year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Brave Calum, a first year pupil at Rothesay Academy, died peacefully at home in Mountstuart Road on Friday 16th February 2007. The funeral service, much of it arranged by Calum himself, was held at the former High Kirk on Wednesday 21st February 2007. Calum was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour only days after his first symptoms were noticed, Calum fought with great determination, dealing with his illness with great humour. Calum was an inspiration to all who knew and met him. Calum always laughed and smiled and his main priority was always to think of others.

Calums Cabin are holiday homes on the Isle of Bute for children suffering from cancer or a cancer related disease, where the entire family can come together, spent quality family time together, make special irreplaceable memories and recharge their batteries for what may lie ahead. Calums cabin where possible helps with all aspects of the families stay. Calums cabin also have flats in Glasgow for families to use when their child is enduring longer term treatment at Glasgow’s children hospital and home is a very long way away, allowing families to have a real “home from home”. All this is only possible thanks to everyone’s continued support in any way at all whether it be large or small.

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