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This week

This week has gone by in a blur, thank you to everyone who has passed on their kind wishes after the documentary on Monday, the message of Calums Calum has really been spread afar now, and we have received an amazing response. Thank you all. To all of you who sent donations and didn’t include an address, where possible if you are a tax payer, please send us your address and we can send you a giftaid form for completion and return so as we can claim tax back. We had a busy weekend last weekend, Friday we were at Children in Need in Glasgow, and on Saturday we had the football collection at Firpark, thank you to everyone who came along to help, and to everyone who donated, a total of £584.35 was raised. Finally, please remember our physic night on Friday night, all the mediums are from The Physic Church of Paisley, at the Shinty Pavilion, tickets are £7.50 available from Printpoint, or Duncan or myself direct. Private readings are available after the public meeting on the night, which can be booked with a £5 deposit. The remainder being paid on the night. Many individuals have come forward asking for Calums Cabin bank details to set up a standing order, if you would…
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 00:00

Thank you

This week Duncan, Jenna and I would like to thank everyone for the amazing response following the showing of “Calums Cabin documentary”. The support that everyone has sent, both emotionally and financially is amazing and it gives us all great strength. The documentary was very hard to make, because as many of you know, we are private people, but we needed to get the message of Calums Cabin out into the world, to be able to help everyone that needs our help, and increase awareness of the Cabin. Calums Cabin is now full until January and we are presently taking bookings for between January and March. The weather makes no difference, if someone isn’t well, and you need to get away and spend quality family time together it really doesn’t matter what season you are in, and the beach and surroundings are as lovely on a winter day as they are on a summer day. Thank you all again for everything you have done during the last 31 months, we couldn’t have done it without you, and most importantly without Calums vision and Jennas drive.
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i player

Just to let you all know that the documentary is now available on BBC i player.
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After 14 months of filming with the BBC and over 90 hours of coverage, Calums Cabin documentary will be shown on Monday 16th November at 7.30pm on BBC1. This is what the BBC describe as “Prime Time TV” and we are very grateful to them for all their hard work. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making the film and apoligise to anyone that we might offend!! When making the film the directors had to take into account the audience, and many people that they spoke to they were very moved by, describing Calum and giving their personal stories, many of these they wanted to use, but the documentary would have had to last many hours and not the allocated half hour that they were given. We just would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved with Calums Cabin, because without all your support, emotional,financial and spiritual Calums Cabin wouldn’t be at the stage it is at today. We hope you enjoy the film. This coming week we have also been asked on “The Hour” at 5-6pm on Wednesday, again this spreads the word about Calums Cabin, allowing us to touch families that need the support of Calums Cabin at their time of need. When phoning,emailing…
Work is getting underway in our long awaited shop. John Amabile has got his designs all done and is contacting all his suppliers to see who can help. All the internal work that needs carried out will be started soon and hopefully we will be well underway soon. Thank you to all who are helping. Calums Cabin Charity Shop will hopefully help generate funds to keep the cabin running. We hope the shop will be filled with items that are new and nearly new, and will help the local community. Just another we reminder about the Physic evening on Friday 27th November at 7.30pm, tickets are £7.50 and are available from Printpoint and Duncan and myslef. Private reading are also available at a cost of £25 (bookable in advance). Thank you this week to all our mainland friends who are organising events. We are very grateful, and the world of Calums Cabin is spread further afield. Thank you all.
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