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This week we have been working with the Waverley and they have agreed that we can have tow dates in their summer timeable. The two dates are Saturday 4th July and Saturday 15th August , on both of these dates the Waverley will cruise as usual up the kyles, and the tickets will cost £10, of this £10 , £5 will go to the Waverley and £5 to Calums Cabin. So, if during the summer you had thought about going onboard, if you wait until these two dates you will be supporting Calums Cabin. More details will be released nearer the time as to where the tickets can be purchased. As I said last week, we are having a raffle at the Port Bannatyne Gala Day on 31st May, anyone who has any raffle prizes, can please pass them onto Duncan or myself. Thank you. This Saturday sees a ticket only evening in the Shinty Club, for over 18’s, anyone wishing to purchase a ticket should see Kris at CBPS. Thank you to everyone who is organising events, and who ran last weekend and are in training for future marathons and half marathons. Finally, just to thank you all again for everything that you are all doing, Calums Cabin is a haven for families that…
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This week we would like to thank everyone locally who has been helping when the families arrive and when they are here. We ourselves haven’t actually met the families, but they have left messages in the Cabins’ memories book, some of which are very humbling, “everyone on Bute was so friendly and welcoming”, “helping feeding the lambs and being at the farm was wonderful”, “doing donuts when helping feed the fish made my sons holiday”, “the horse and cart was awesome”, “walking through Mountstuart was so tranquil”. “the location of the cabin is brilliant and my girls spent the whole time on the beach”, “Calums Cabin came at the right time for us, when life is very hard”. These are just some of the comments that have been left. Duncan, Jenna and I just want to thank each and everyone for helping the families have a wonderful time, you all have no idea what you have done, and as I spoke to someone the other day his comment was “I got as much out of meeting the family and helping them”, that is truely what life is about, if we can all help someone then please do it. Our next fundraising event is a raffle at the Port Gala Day in May, more details to…
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Friday People!!

This week, I would like to thank all our Friday People!! That might sound a wee bit strange, but on a Friday depending what needs done, the cabin is invaded from 1pm when the families leave and everyone works on what needs cleaned, fixed, sorted, tided, thank you all so much. This means that when the next family arrive, everything is the way we would want it to be and means that they have a no hassell wonderful experience. We make sure where possible that no-one is bothering the families when they have their weeks holiday. Thank you all. It is just amazing how everything has come together and we thank you all, the turnaround time between families is quite tight, so it is important that everything is A1 and everyone is pulling together, which you all are, thank you. I talk each week about how great everyone is in regard to Calums Cabin, and even when the families are on the ferry, they all seem to manage to talk to someone and everyone is so friendly, is the comments that I have been receiving, so thank you all. This however, was not the case for myself on Saturday. Twice on Saturday, I experienced first hand how impatient and quick tempered people can be, and…
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Calums Cabin is being utilised fully now, the families are arriving on a weekly basis and as I said previously the bookings are coming in at a steady rate. This week saw more posters going up in childrens’ cancer centres throughout the United Kingdom, and our only poriblem is going to be trying to accommodate everyone who wants to come, that is one of the sad bits, that we can’t help everyone. Thank you to all our “welcomers” who are doing a grand job, don’t worry if you put your name on the list and haven’t been contacted yet, we are just doing the list just now on an two month basis, you will be contacted, I promise. Thank you again to everyone who has handed in vouchers for their shops or activities, it is wonderful and it really makes you realise how much there is to be done on our own doorsteps, what a lovely part of the world we all live in. John Amabile has been on the phone his to advise that he will be running the Glasgow half marathon for Calums Cabin in September, thank you John, more details will follow later. You may remember in December last year, I talked about Cumnock Firemen cycling around Arran to help raise monies…
Monday, 30 March 2009 00:00

Thank You

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who have come forward offering help again this week for the families when they are holidaying, there are some amazingly generous people around and thankfully we have met an awful lot of them, thank you. Thank you again to everyone who puts change in all our collecting cans, and have monthly standing orders, these are great ways to help pay the bills, and from the response from the families who are coming, Calums Cabin is helping them have something to look forward to. Thank you again
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