Sunday, 18 October 2009 00:00

The Guiding Light
This week I would like to talk about our latest fundraising event. On Friday 27th November we are having a Psychic Evening at the Shinty Pavilion. The evening is called “The Ultimate Psychic Experience”, with International Mediums, Psychics and Registered Tarot Readers, starring the renowned international and psychical Research Medium Magenta “The Woman in Black” and Sky T.V.’s hilarious Dr Alan Curley. The evening will be an open meeting however anyone wishing private readings or private tarot or angel readings, these will be available after the open meeting. Costs for the evening are £7.50 for the ticket for the meeting and £25 for a private reading. Tickets will be on sale from Printpoint from Monday 26th October or direct from Duncan or myself. Anyone wishing a private reading should add their name to the list also in Printpoint from the above date or to Duncan and I. £5 deposit has to be paid for the private reading at time of booking. All readers coming on the evening are fully certified and registered and members of the ISF and BSF. We now have two weeks left until the end of the year that are free at the cabin, although Bute has really quietened down now the families are just enjoying time together and being away from…

Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00

Cash for Kids
Many of you might have heard us on Clyde 1 on Thursday. We were talking about Calums Cabin on their launch of “Cash for Kids” for this year. A week ago on Friday four of the trustees for Cash for Kids came to the cabin and saw for themselves what Calums Cabin is all about. We would just like to thank them all so much for distrubuting the £25,000 to Calums Cabin for the coming years running costs. Just amazing, thank you to everyone who donates to Cash for Kids you have all helped Calums Cabin so much. It means that everything that we do just now can be continued to as high a standard as it is, which we know means so much to all the families when they come. Thank you. The calenders that are made for us each year are in the process of being made, many of you are asking already when they will be ready. Hopefully soon. Once they are all ready we will advise where they can be purchased. Thank you to everyone who purchases them and of course thank you to all who are involved in making them. Thank you all again.

Monday, 05 October 2009 00:00

No 46!!!
Thank you to the individuals who took the couple of numbers that we had for the bonus ball. Number 46 is shouting out to you and still needs a home!! So if you are interested in paying a £1 please contact Karen at Printpoint on 01700 503389 and she will go over the details with you. Every family every week is very special to us, however this week we have a very special visitor at Calums Cabin. After months of hoping and praying and we thank you all for all your messages of support. Katie is finally coming to Calums Cabin. Fingers crossed that she and her family have a good week of weather and that she enjoys her time here on Bute. Thank you all again.

Monday, 28 September 2009 00:00

Working away behind the scenes
Thank you to everyone who keeps telling us that they have new/unused items waiting for the charity shop to open. I spoke to John Amabile last week and he is working away behind the scenes, but is very busy at present with 60 minute makeover. but hopes to have the charity shop opened before the end of the year. Due to illness and circumstances outwith the persons’ control, two bonus ball numbers have become available. If anyone would like to pay £1 per week, and have the chance of winning £25, please go into see Karen at Printpoint and she will go over the details. Thanking everyone again.

Monday, 21 September 2009 00:00

I just want to take this week to thank everyone who has been involved with Calums Cabin at all. That is us nearlybeen open 7 months, 28 families have been through the door and stayed for what many of the families describe as a truely memorable week, this wouldn’t have been the case if it were not for everyone’s help. Whether you are local or from the mainland, have given personal,business, club and society donations,monthly standing orders, match funding, daily donations into collecting cans,organised events, we just want you to know the difference that Calums Cabin is making to so many lives. Thank you also to all our meeters and greeters, the families are just delighted to meet the individuals who give of their time, to take them to the cabin, show them around and offer their own knowledge of the Island, and in many cases become friends of the family and keep in touch, thank you all. Thank you also to everyone who have given so generously of their time for the families when they are staying on the Island, and allowing them to have a memorable time, through their activities, which have all been donated free of charge, we thank these individuals from the bottom of our hearts and promise you that you…

Monday, 14 September 2009 00:00

Thank you so much to all our collectors on Saturday at Greenock Morton. The sun shone for us and we had a good day, over £300 was raised, so thank you all very much, it was just a shame it wasn’t such a good day for Morton. Sunday’s football arranged by the HELP Project was a very successful day , and the trophy will remain on Bute for a second year, well done boys. We hope that maybe next year the day can be expanded and perhaps younger footballers can become involved. On Monday we met with the lady who co-ordinates advertising on the ferries. We had been in talks for several months and it has just happened to be the case that the week after last weeks letter about advertising was in the Buteman, our new posters will go on the Wemyss Bay- Bute route and the Arran - Ardrossan Route. Hopefully this will expand the message about Calums Cabin and allow everyone who visits the Island and also that of Arran know what Calums Cabin is all about. Thank you all again for all you help.

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