Monday, 05 January 2009 00:00

2009 is the year of Calums Cabin
Hoping 2009 will be a happy and healthly year for you all, and 2009 will be the year of Calums Cabin. We are still rooting for the opening to be in February and after next weeks’ builder and architect’s meeting, hopefully we will “cement” the date. Thanks to everyone who worked over the holiday period and who are working all out to get the cabin up and running. Thank you also to all who have come forward with their names to go on our meeting list, or to help clean, or the latest new standing orders, thank you all. We are looking now for individuals who will give us an hour or two of their time for bag packing on Saturday 31st January. If you can manage please contact myself or Georgeann Martin on 01700 505053. We would be really greatful, the more the merrier. Our new revised date for collecting cans at Motherwell football ground is Saturday 24th January and if anyone, fancies a wee trip or infact stays near and could help for a few hours on the Saturday, again please contact us. The fundraising is beginning again to start for the year, we have about 6 organsied events already and we thank anyone in advance, who is planning to run,walk,organise events,raffles on…

Sunday, 21 December 2008 00:00

Hopefully 7 weeks to go
Work is zooming on at a great pace again this week, the tiling has started and so has the painting. Hopefully the scaffolding will be down soon and then the outside work can be done. We have asked for a few quotes for the outside, and are just awaiting confirmation who has won the contract. The outside of the cabin is very important, since the families need to be able to just even sit outside and enjoy the view and clean fresh air all around them. Thank you to everyone who has come forward to offer help when the families start arriving, if you are still thinking about adding your name to the list, on you go, I promise it will only be half an hour of your time, maybe twice a year, and what you will get from helping, money can’t buy. Either contact Duncan or I in person or by phone on 01700 502892. We have a provisional date now for opening the cabin of 12th,13th,14th and 15th of February, we hope that these will be open days for everyone and anyone who has helped,given, donated to come and see what you have all done. More details nearer the time, although saying that it is only 7 weeks away. So the push is…

Tuesday, 16 December 2008 00:00

Happy and Healthy Christmas
Where do I start this week, the cabin is really taking shape, the doors are on, the windows are in, hopefully during the holidays the tiling will be done and the painting will be completed. The heating is in, the radiators giving out loads of heat. and look great, it is all taking shape and we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for getting the cabin to this stage. We spent some time this week also finalising the stain glass window, it is looking great and once some finishing touches are added it will be amazing. Thanks also to everyone who has sent good wishes for the Christmas period, again this year, we send you all our thanks and hope you all have a very happy and healthly Christmas, we haven’t sent any Christmas Cards, instead focusing our time,energy and monies that would have been spent on cards and stamps to Calums Cabin. With the New Year fast approaching, we are looking at when we plan to have an opening weekend, and when the families can start arriving. In that regard, I would ask that anyone who hasn’t spoken to us already about being on a welcoming list, please contact us quite soon. What we are hoping for is that an individual or…

Monday, 08 December 2008 00:00

Firstly, thanks to everyone who purchased calenders at Mountstuart House on Sunday, we had a lovely day, meeting so many new and well kent faces, thanks also to all who gave Calums Cabin donations. It is greatly appreciated and all the pounds fair mount up. Thank you infact to everyone who has bought calenders, since they came on sale at the end of November, I reckon that we have sold in excess of 250, there are still a few left at the Co-op, Ettrick Bay and Printpoint. Last week saw us empty a lot of collecting cans, they are just great and a wonderful way to save, thank you all so much for all your loose change. Also last week, saw the quantity of paint be ordered together with a variety of objects for the interior, which means we really are getting there. The bathrooms also arrived, as did the doors and one of the windows, thank you to all who supplied the bathrooms and fittings, supplied carriage and time to get evrything here, these are wonderful savings and fair mount up. Hopefully by Christmas, the heating will be in, and a lot of the internal works can be done over the festive period. Calums Cabin may be a holiday retreat, but I am afraid…

Sunday, 30 November 2008 00:00

The cabin is looking really good and progressing really well, hopefully the windows should arrive this week, and then the brickwork can be finished.The interior is coming on a treat, and before we know it, we will be there, it is truely amazing. Thank you to everyone who has laid even a finger on site. We are having a stall at Mountstuart on Sunday selling calanders, these are on sale for only £2, we have two sets, one of Bute now, and ones of Old Bute, both are great and we thank all those involved in making them. It is a great way of passing on the word of Calums Cabin, and a great wee Christmas Present, that you know won’t just be put in a drawer!! Thanks to all who have purchased already, they are still also on sale in Print Point, Ettrick Bay and the Co-op. We spoke in previous weeks about having a Christmas Raffle, at a recent committee meeting, it was decided that a variety of other causes have raffles at this time of year, and everyone only has a certain amount of money, so we will keep our raffle prizes to a later date and support the other raffles that are going on. Thank you all again.

Sunday, 23 November 2008 00:00
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