Wednesday, 09 April 2008 00:00

Ready Steady Cook!!!
Hope you all managed to see Calum’s Cabin receiving the £100 donation on Wednesday’s Ready Steady Cook. Thank you to Blythe for raising our profile and for donating her winnings. Planning permisssion, we hope will be finalised within the next few weeks and then it will be the turn of applying for a building warrant. Thank you to all who have come forward already offering their time and services. We will contact you once we need your help and experteese….. I promise. Again, as you all know there is a lot going on behind the scenes and although it might seem quite quiet and we aren’t moving fast just now, I reassure you a lot is going on. More fund raising nights are on the cards quite soon, will let you know once everything is finalised. Thank you again to all who are starting to organise events again, those who are beginning to run again, and have sponsorships, those who give instead of giving presents, those who donate monthly by standing order or those who donate daily by collecting can. Thank you all.

Sunday, 30 March 2008 00:00

Today saw the triathlon, it was a really good day albeit the weather was a wee bit dodgy at times, a worthy winner was found for Calums trophy. Thanks to all who had individual sponsorship, it is greatly appreciated. Sadly, our proposed second family won’t be coming just now, since the wee boy who isn’t well, has just lost his mum to cancer also, her funeral service was last week. Our thoughts are prayers go to them all. Thanks this week to individuals who have come forward again this year to match fund, this is a wonderful opportunity to double any income raised from fundraising. Thank you. Jenna as many of you might already know, has been nominated by the Rotary Club for one of their awards at their annual national conference, she has been awarded Young Citizen of the Year. We will give you more details after Jenna has been at the event. Thanks again to everyone.

Sunday, 23 March 2008 00:00

Thanks to everyone this week who helped organise the Whist Drive on Wednesday night, it was a huge success and raised £487.12. Sorry to anyone who felt that perhaps the beginners were a wee bit slow, but hey…. just wait until next year, we now have a year to practice and know what we are doing!!! Thanks also to all who are purchasing hats and jackets etc from the Bike Shed, not only are they keeping you warm but they are promoting the cause at the same time. This coming Sunday, a week today, 30th March, is the Isle of Bute Triathlon, with the winner receiving th Calum Speirs Award. This is a lovely trophy made of recycled glass, and is well worth all the hard work that you are all putting in, swimming,cycling and running. We will see you there. Hope you all had a nice Easter, and thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and donations to Calums Cabin.

Saturday, 15 March 2008 00:00

National Lottery!!
Months and months ago we applied to the National Lottery for funding, we now have confirmation that within the next few weeks we will been granted an award for £10,000. This is great and helps swell the fund. I have been writing many letters again this week, to a variety of organisations and other charities to see if again they can help us in any way, in regard to funding or with materials etc to build “Calum’s Cabin”. All the tickets are sold for the Whist Drive, so thanks to all who purchased, looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night, it will be a good night I am sure, although anyone reading this who is really good at playing cards, please go easy on me!!! Our meeting last week with the BBC, John Bute and our architect went really well, thank you to all who got involved, it was freezing but very good!!!! Jenna has been approached by the Rotary Club to attend their annual conference in Blackpool, as she has been nominated for Young Rotarian of the Year. Well done Jen. This week, we also got very sad news, that one of our keen wee supporters, has become not well again. Katie is only 5 years old and was diagnosed at the…

Sunday, 09 March 2008 00:00

Planning Permission
This week sees our planning application being submitted to Argyll and Bute District Council for planning consent, fingers crossed that this goes smoothly, and that it is another step forward for Calums Cabin. Thanks to everyone who has helped to get us this far so quickly. This week we also have the BBC coming on Wednesday to make another part for the documentary for Calums Cabin which will be shown on the week of Children in Need in November. Thanks in advance to everyone who is helping on Wednesday, hopefully the weather will stay dry!!! Talking about television, a wee birdie told me that if we keep watching Ready Steady Cook, in the next few weeks Calums Cabin gets a mention, thanks to the “wee birdie”, I am told I can’t tell you anymore just now, because that would take away the surprise!!! There are only a few tickets left for the whist drive, so if antyone still wants one, please contact us quickly, remember Wednesday 19th March, 7.30pm in the 292. Again, just a big thank you to each and everyone, from a Caravan to a Cabin in one year is just amazing. Thank you.

Saturday, 08 March 2008 00:00

Hats and Whists!!!
Another busy week for Calums Cabin. Thanks this week to everyone who has come forward in regard to helping with the cabin once it is built. We are having a whist drive on Wednesday 19th March at 7.30pm in the 292, £3 per ticket, tickets are available from Duncan and myself and direct from Robert McKirdy. Please come along and enjoy a wee night out. New Calums Cabin merchandise is available at the Bike Shop, there are great wooly hats priced at £5 each, just what’s needed for this wintery weather and supporting us at the same time, not to mention jackets and a variety of other items. Thanks again to everyone who is supporting Calums Cabin, it is great. I have kept this weeks update short, since you all had to sit with a cup of tea last week, cause it was so long!!!!!