Thursday, 07 February 2008 00:00

On Sunday we were invited to The Kathy Innes Benevolent Dinner, we had a lovely time, and met some wonderful people, who give of their time and energies to great causes, and have many sad and inspirational stories to tell. Thank you for inviting us and also for the wonderful donation. This week our first family have arrived for a well deserved holiday. So far they seem to be having a great time. Thanks to all who have helped in any way. This just emphasises what needs to be done and what can be achieved. As some of you perhaps already know, Dr Boyd is sailing on the final leg of Round the World Yacht Race, he has asked anyone who would like to sponsor him to go onto and then follow the link. We will be thinking of him on his exciting venture. It’s nearly a whole year since we lost our precious star, we miss Calum as much today if not more than we did then. Each and every day is a struggle, but we know that Calum always said and did, “if you can help anyone else, then that is what you do”, so that is what we are trying to do. We know “Calum’s Cabin” is being driven by Calum…

Wednesday, 06 February 2008 00:00

The Straad
We have wonderful news this week,in the form that John Bute and Mount Stuart Trust have agreed to lease us(rent free) a piece of ground at the Straad. This is a wonderful opportunity for Calum’s Cabin and we are eternally greatful to everyone who has been involved in the negotiations, resulting in this tranquil location. The location is ideal, since it will allow the families time to reflect,comtemplate and take stock of what is happening in their lives at that exact time, allowing them the freedom to make irreplaceable memories and enjoy Bute as a whole. Thank you again.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008 00:00

What a week last week. Thank you to all who have donated again through ribbons and also through collecting cans, all these amounts fair add up, and we are very greatful. Thanks. Also again to anyone who donates in anyway, through fund raising events, dress down days at work, coffee morning, sponsored walks, through our web page, through monthly standing orders,match funding, any way at all THANK YOU. Friday night saw us at the Lord Provosts’ Burns Supper, there were 864 guests at the event, and we were honoured to be sitting beside some very distinguished people. May we thank all those involved for a wonderful evening and for all their hard work and most importantly all their fund raising, we don’t have a final amount yet, however, we can guarantee that a lot of money was raised. Thank you Lord Provost and Mrs Winter. We also managed to distribute a fair amount of Calum’s Cards, allowing us to spread the word, and help any family that is going through a horrendous time, watching their beloved child suffer from cancer or a cancer related disease. Friday, also saw us begin the work on the film that the BBC are making on “Calum’s Cabin”, we must thank Derek and the camera man for their patience and…

Sunday, 20 January 2008 00:00

RBTV and Lord Provosts Burns Supper
Thanks to everyone this week who have helped us in any way at all. Especially all of you have gone into the Co-op and purchased ribbons. I know that it all seems very quiet just now, and perhaps you are all wondering what is happening, let me assure you all, that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and all your hard work is beginning to pay off - thanks to all concerned. This week sees RBTV (that is the Royal Bank’s own TV) coming to the island on Sunday (27th). They plan to film some shots of individuals purchasing “Calum’s Cabin” merchandise, and a few local shots of the island, and finally a football match, at the new school playing fields, between 1-2pm. If any of you fancy being in the “crowd”, please feel free to come up and watch and be filmed between between 1-2pm, the more the merrier. We have been asked on Friday Night to the Lord Provost’s Burns Supper, where “Calum’s Cabin” is one of the beneficiaries. We are very grateful to the individuals who instigated this invitation, and will keep you all updated next week on how we got on. Thank you all again.

Sunday, 20 January 2008 00:00

Just over 3 weeks to go!!!!!!
The building is coming along leaps and bounds, but saying that, the push is still really on, since we have just over 3 weeks to go until hopefully the cabin is open. It is all go at the moment and we would like to thank everyone who is helping in anyway at present. As well of course as trying to get the build ready for 12th February, the fundraising must go on, our accountant has done projections and he reckons that we require approx £18-20,000 per year for running costs. This might seem high, but you must remember that we have high heating levels, the insurance is high, and we hope to give each family a payment when they arrive, to help with their weeks’ holiday. This is why the fundraising must go on, also the collecting cans are a great way of helping find this money on an annual basis and anyone out there who is considering a standing order payment monthly we would be really grateful, this is a way of us knowing that a certain amount is coming in each month and if you are a tax payer, then even better as we can claim gift aid on your payment. Please contact Duncan or myself if you are interested in setting up…

Sunday, 13 January 2008 00:00

Thought I would suprise you all this week, by updating a day early!!! Thanks this week to all businesses who have come forward with the offer of help when the families start to come, and with vouchers for our first family in February. Calum’s Cabin ribbons, for those of you who didn’t purchase one the first time around, are now on sale again at Ettrick Bay and the local Co-op, priced at just £1 they are a bargain, and look great on any jacket or coat!! The events are starting again, Duncan and I have a burns supper in Glasgow, and then we have been asked to another fundraising dinner in Falkirk, this is great since it shows the name “Calum’s Cabin” is becoming well known all over. Please remember, if anyone reading this, knows of a family who needs a break, even although we are not fully up and running, please email us and we will do our best to get the familiy here as soon as possible. We are only too aware, that as each day passes another 5 children are diagnosed and sadly another child is lost. We can help make happy memories, please contact us. Again, no running total, sorry. Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up!!!