Friday, 27 April 2007 00:00

Variety Club - Scotland
I know I am a day late again this week, but I thought I would wait and update so I could include our meeting today with the Variety Club. Today we were invited by the Variety Club to meet with Mr Jack Zimmer, and Mr David White, Chairman of Variety Club Scotland. The Variety Club had arranged to bring 1000 children to Bute, to enjoy a day of fun, this included clowns, police dogs, mountain rescue teams,radio Clyde, horse rides, motor bike rides,helicoptor displays and many more things. At approx 1pm we were invited onto their stage and were presented with a cheque for £74,000!!!!! We aren’t getting the money exactly, so you won’t see it going onto our total, we simply have to send The Variety Club our bills for Calums Cabin. What more can we say…………………………………..speechless eh!!!! (and thank you!!!!) Thanks again this week, to all our runners in last weeks Glasgow 10k and Good Luck to those who are running again this week, some of you I know have completed 3 10k’s and some are going for 5 10k’s, you really are super fit folks, and we thank you very much for all your sponsorship work. Infact anyone who has run in the name of “Calum’s Cabin” this year - thank you.…

Wednesday, 25 April 2007 00:00

We are a Charity
Big News this week, we have heard back from OSCR, and we have been granted charitable status, so we are officially now a Charity,”Calum’s Cabin” is registered on the Scottish Charity Register with the charity number SCO38054. This means we will be able to gain tax relief on all monies as long as we have a fully signed Gift Aid Form, and anyone paying by Standing Order or Direct Debit can you please contact us and we will send a form out to you. There have been loads of events happening again and we are ever so grateful to everyone, who has organsied, attended, helped put in raffle prizes, sold tickets, you name it, whatever anyone has done THANK YOU. This week, is busy again with fund raising, and with the weather getting better marathons and fun runs are starting - so good luck to all who are doing such things - you put Duncan, Jenna and I to shame!!!! Remember anyone that fancies an hour bag packing on 4th and 5th May, please e-mail on Thank you again to everyone, we are eternally grateful. We close tonight Monday 16th April £34,347.42

Tuesday, 24 April 2007 00:00

You can raise money for us through your search engine!!!
Calums Cabin has had yet another really busy and productive week. Yet again more letters have been written and now rewritten or at least follow-ups to reiterate that we now have charitable status. We have also been chasing up and sending out Gift Aid forms to people who have requested them, and also people who are now making a monthly contribution, for all the running costs of the cabin in the future. Thanks again this week to all who have donated; clubs, businesses, societies, individuals, infact everyone, THANKYOU, you are making our dream come true, it is absolutley wonderful, we are eternally grateful. This week also saw our application to be accepted. This now means that everytime anyone who uses the internet and a search engine, Calums Cabin will receive income from you. Maybe sounds complicated, but I can guarantee you, it’s really simple and I would ask you all to please sign up and start using it.There is absolutely no cost to the user and no cost to the charity. Simply log into and then when the page comes up, it will ask for the charity that you wish to select, simply put in “Calums Cabin” and our details will come up and you agree to using them, say instead of google…

Tuesday, 10 April 2007 10:38

We are 1/3 of the way there - we have hit £30,000
A wee bit longer than a week since I updated, sorry, A lot again has been happening this week, the most exciting bit was that we hit a new mark, the £30,000 barrier - superb!! That is us now 1/3 of the way there. It is really amazing in just over 7 weeks. Jenna and I have been further afield this week, we went to Tiree on Thursday because Fiona our friend was having a family dance in aid of Calums Cabin, and Rosemary a car boot sale, there is also a sponsored walk at the beginning of May. We raised a lot of money, the full figure has still to be worked on, since all sponsored monies for the future walk are not in yet. Easter week, and weekend were very busy and with us attending a lot of events and a lot of others that we couldn’t make it to. Thankyou again to each and every person, the organisers, donators,attendees and everyone, it is all of you that are keeping Duncan, Jenna and myself going. There are a lot of more events being organised daily and please keep them going!! Anyone interested in bag packing on the weekend 4th and 5th May, please email me and your name will be willingly included, even…

Tuesday, 03 April 2007 17:20

Well, where do I start this week!!! Another hugely busy week, lots of people to meet and loads more letters to write. Oscr (the charitable status people) got back to us, to ask about our name, we had initially called ourselves as you all know Calums Caravan and then whoopee we had changed to Calums Cabin which was fantastic, but they wanted matters clarified, so we now are offically CALUMS CABIN - wonderful. We will make it we are sure. Everyone is continuing to be so generous - Duncan, Jenna and myself are totally humbled by this and again we thankyou all from the bottoms of our hearts. We know that Calum is watching closely and that his dream is quite quickly becoming a reality - thank you each and everyone. Anyway, the bit that you are all waiting for - £26,104.74!!!! There are lots of fundraising events happening over the Easter period, so please look out for them in the Buteman, I don’t want to start mentioning them incase I miss one out (even although I don’t know that many of them are happening!!). Thank you to everyone who is organising events - we are extremely grateful.

Monday, 26 March 2007 17:19

We are over £20,000!!! in just over 5 weeks
Another really busy week, lots of activities are being planned and organised, and everyone is being so supportive, it is wonderful. There are so many events happening that we don’t even know about, so again thankyou to each and every person,business,society and club. To everyone who has and is organising events,running marathons,having stalls,writing letters,sending emails,all of you,thankyou. This week also saw OSCR the charitable status body confirming that they had received our application and were looking at it. So that is a good sign. We also spent some time this week looking at all options for the Cabin,there are quite a few and we have to decide carefully when spending such a large amount of money. Today, Monday saw an article in the Greenock Telegraph,it was a lovely full page article, Calum would have been pleased with it. Today Monday 26th March 2007 we close at £20,738.51. Superb