Tuesday, 23 October 2007 00:00

Wow, what a busy week again, thank you to all who ran events last week, we are very greatful, some we knew were happening and others we didn’t, all of which are great thank you. Thank you also to all those who went into Print Point for their bonus ball, there are still a couple of numbers left, so please pop in and join in the weekly draw. The tickets for the Christmas party are still not on sale, they are on the production press and as soon as they are ready, we will advise where and when they can be purchased, I know a lot of you are desperately awaiting, so I promise they will be out soon!!!! We had thought this year about making and selling Christmas Cards, but were unsure of the demand, so it is maybe a thought for next year once we know a rough guide of how many people would purchase them, but never one to miss out on an opportunity, our Calum’s Cabin stickers are available ( slightly bigger than a postage stamp) which if anyone is interested could be stuck onto the inside or outside of the card or envelope and it helps pass on the message as it gives our web address. Anyone who is interested…

Monday, 22 October 2007 17:18

This Weeks update
Sorry we haven’t updated for a week!!! The fundraising is going superbly well. Last Saturday night’s charity dance seemed to have gone very well, don’t know yet how much was finally raised. However, we do know that the auctioned signed Rangers shirt raised £480(Which was very kindly given to Jenna on Sunday afternoon,thanks boys). Will let you know how much was raised when we find out. Monday saw Calum’s article in the Daily Record, this has brought us a variety of different offers, which we are still considering. Monday also saw us reach £9557.32. Tuesday we sent away more fundraising letters and donations were starting to also come in for raffle prizes(anything anyone can give we will be delighted to receive). By Tuesday night we had hit the £10 000 barrier, with the total being £10 287.32. Wednesday, we spent the whole day at Ettrick Bay, a wonderful day was had by all and a big thank you must go to Alex, Sandy and Staff and don’t forget Dunno the Clown for making a “Loud ” appearance!! The takings from the tearoom were £1048.50, a donations box of £400.03 and raffle sales of £832.73,amounted in total to £2281.26(fabulous).We also had a variety of other donations., so by Wednesday night the fund was at £12,943.58 Thursday,…

Sunday, 14 October 2007 00:00

Would you like a bonus ball
Hello, all our Calum’s Cabin followers, another busy October week. This week saw the draw of the quiz and there were three lucky winners: Mrs Marion McLean Dunoon R Robson Chirnside, Berwickshire Lynette Connor Rothesay Well done to those three people and also to the hundred and odd others who returned completed quizzes, much better than us, who only managed 6 of the answers. Thanks to all who helped raise money through the sale of quizzes. As I mentioned last week, Port Bannatyne golf club are having a quiz night on Saturday 20th October at 8pm at the club house, and a golf tournment on the Sunday, anyone who is free should go along and enjoy. A bonus ball in aid of Calum’s Cabin is being organsied in Print Point and anyone interested should go and put their name into print point as soon as possible, and pick their number of course. What will happen for those of you (a bit like me) who didn’t know what happened. You pay £1 per week, or at lease £1 per number you pick, you can pick as many as you like!!!, and each week when the bonus ball comes out on National Lottery ,if that is your number then you win £25!!!! The best bit about it…

Sunday, 07 October 2007 00:00

Quizzes are in the air
Thank you to all this week who seem to be having quizzes, whether in hotels, pubs or village halls, thank you all very much. Most of these quizzes have been organsied on the mainland and are thanks to local people spreading the word, so thanks to those who organsied the events and also to all who have been passing on the word, we are really grateful. Talking of quizzes Port Bannantyne Golf Club are having a Quiz a week on Saturday - 20th October, followed on the Sunday by a golf tournment, please all go along if you can - both events will be great I am sure. We are being asked lately about our Christmas night out, it is Saturday 15th December, and it will be tickets only, tickets will be on sale shortly, from various outlets, more information and details really soon!!!!!! Thank you all for your hard work, and committment, we will help so many wee people soon. Today total stands at £133,357.68

Wednesday, 03 October 2007 00:00

Just a wee extra this week, we were all organized last night, with all ribbons made and helpers knowing times etc and then boom, Greenock Morton phoned today to say that could we possibly change our slot because they had been asked by someone else (a wee boys football team) to do a collection on Saturday and that they really needed the money right away. So what could we say. So we are postponed until Saturday 3rd November. Sorry to all who had made arrangements, we will see you on the 3rd as long as you can make it. As for the notice in the programme and broadcastings on Radio Clyde and Real Radio, we can’t do anything about that, only just hope that they will do it all again in the week coming up to the 3rd November, and wish the wee boys football team all the best for Saturday.

Monday, 01 October 2007 00:00

Monday night again, I really don’t know where the weeks go. We are kept so busy that the time seems to fly by, it is October already and so much money has been raised, which is fab, but on the other hand it seems so long ago that we started the fund and then again it only seems like yesterday, really hard to explain. Anyway, this Saturday we are away to Greenock Morton to sell our ribbons and our stickers to the away supporters, because I don’t suppose that they would pay for blue and white ribbons!!! Anyone who is interested in helping or will be at the game and would like to help, please let me know so as I can add your names to the list of helpers, the more the merrier!! Even although we have been quiet on the land issue, we are still working away behind the scenes and I promise that once we know anything, you all will be the first to know. Thank you all again for all your support, every little penny counts and they are all fair adding up - £132,455.25 how marvellous is that. Thank you all so much again.