Monday, 24 September 2007 00:00

Pudsey is some Bear!!!!!!
First of all, I must apoligise this week, for last weeks belated update. I wrote it on Monday night as usual, and thought I had pressed the publish button, but low and behold, it was just sitting there awaiting publishing, it was only when Jenna said on Sunday, “Mum, what happened to last weeks update?”, that I realised. So sorry to all of you who have been checking daily. Duncan and I were at the official opening last week of the new BBC building, it was lovely and the building is huge and very impressive. Anyway, less of that and more of the important information this week, Children in Need have awarded us a grant of £40,000. Calum and Jenna’s birthday falls on the weekend of Children in Need and the two of them were always keen supporters, little did we realise that one day the roles would be reversed. Thank you Pudsey. Next year, they will come and make a small film about Calum’s Cabins to be shown on Children in Need and see all the wee faces that we are trying to help Thank you this week, again to all clubs and societies whose generosity is tremendous, together with that of individuals and businesses, thank you everyone. This weekend, is quite quiet on…

Sunday, 23 September 2007 00:00

We are over £90,000!!!!!
This week again, we have been busy making yet more bows, that is us up to about 1400, so only another 1600 to go!!!! The big news this week is us hitting the £90,000 mark, absolutely amazing, thank you all so much for all your hard work and committment, it really has paid off, thank you. This week also sees us having meetings with the BBC, we have been invited to the opening of their new building at Pacific Quay, so hopefully we will have some news to report next week, on what happens there. The sale of the calanders seems to be going well, thank you to all who are purchasing them, they are now also on sale at Printpoint, and as I said last week, a bargain at just £2!!!! The collecting cans in a variety of shops are doing extremely well, it is amazing how all the pennies add up, thank you all who put their loose change in on a daily basis, this is wonderful, because when the cabins are up and running, this will help to meet the daily/weekly/monthly costs. Thank you all again, this weeks total stands at £90,454.25

Tuesday, 28 August 2007 00:00

Thank you for your support
Hello you Calum followers!!! Firstly I must apoligise for not updating the site last night but yesterday was a very busy day and I just didn’t seem to get there, so sorry to all of you who checked yesterday and nothing was there!!! This week has been as I say each week, very busy. We have been invited to Greenock Morton Football Club to sell our Calum’s Cabin ribbons, either in September or October, so this week has been trying to organise to make approx 2,000 ribbons. This is quite a job, and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making process, I think that we are approx 1/3 of the way there!!! This week, is the annual flower show. In the children’s section there is a new section, asking exhibitors to design a poster for a fundraising event for Calum’s Cabin, so if you are creative at all, please take your entry along to the Pavilion on Friday night/Saturday morning. However, I would remind you that you have to register first, so entry forms are available this week at Bute Community Links in Bishop Street, from 10am. The Flower show, also have an auction at the end of the show on Sunday afternoon, normally about 4pm, all proceeds from…

Monday, 13 August 2007 00:00

£80,000 !!!!!!
This week saw us hit the £80,000 mark, how wonderful is that. We would like to thank everyone this week, who purchases things from/for us, who go to events, who have sponsored events for us. To everyone who works behind the scenes, organsies events, arranges events, basically anyone who does anything for us. The issue regarding the land where the cabin has to go, is still under discussion and we will advise you all once we have anything concrete to tell. Also, the monies that we declare each and every week to you,are the monies that are actually in the bank, and not monies that have been pledged or events that have happened and we don’t yet have. This week sees the Highland Games, we do not have a stall at the games, however, there are runners who have been sponsored, for “Calum’s Cabin”, so good luck to you all, hopefully the weather will stay good and a great day will be had by all. The collecting cans are continuing to do really well, and thank you to everyone who gives of their change on a daily basis. These cans are wonderful, because once the cabin is up and running, we will have of course running costs, on a weekly,monthly and yearly basis, so knowing…

Monday, 06 August 2007 00:00

Nearing £80,000!!!
Another week, and lots more has been raised. This week we had the car wash at Ettrick Bay (thanks boys),and various other events organised by businesses on the island. Thank you all. This week sees an auction at the Cattle Show on Wednesday, although the livestock will no longer be there, the auction we have been advised will still go ahead, thank you to all who have organsied this and to all who have donated. This week also saw some funds coming in from some of my fundraising letters, hopefully this is the start of some more hopeful responses. Erin’s CD’s are selling well, as are the teddies, all available from the tourist board and other outlets. We are still working hard on the land issue and will keep you all informed once we have anything concerte, just be assured that it is top of our priority. Thank you also this week to everyone who is buying or who has bought a Calums Cabin Quiz, they are good,but are quite hard to work out, a great way to spend a couple of hours for just £1. Thank you this week to all who have bought raffle tickets and spent time organsing events and supporting us all the time, both emotionally and financially. A hugh thank…

Monday, 30 July 2007 00:00

Over £75,000 Now!!!
Here is this weeks update. I don’t seem to know where one week goes and the next begins. We are always so busy, which of course if a good thing, great for “Calum’s Cabin” and great in the respect that it keeps us going. Last week was very successful again, and we had a lovely afternoon tea on Sunday at Ballianlay, the diet must start sometime, either that or I must start training with all the rest of you fit people who have been doing sponsored runs and marathons for us!!!!! Thank you this week to all businesses and clubs who support us and to everyone who attends events on a weekly basis, thank you. Again to all who put change into collecting cans and who are now paying by standing order on a monthly basis, each and everyone thank you so much. Also to the many individuals that we do not know, that have taken or received one of Calums Fundraising cards and have been having events or been emailing us to gain more information, thank you. This week the fund stands at £76,894.51. We are still in talks regarding the site for the cabin and will keep you posted once everything has been finalised. As you can imagine everything has to be correct…