Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:00

Tuesday again, where do all the days of the week go?!!! Duncan, Jenna and I are back to basics this week again, I have sent away a lot of fundraising letters and Duncan and Jenna are back to making magic tricks. Poor Duncan has also learned how to fold letters and put everything in the envelopes!! This week was busy again, just the way we want it to be,everyone is so kind, and we would like to thank everyone again for their generosity, not only on the financial front, for “Calum’s Cabin”, but on the emotional front, you are all great and very thoughtful, and we thank you for all your email,written,text messages, not to forget the hugs,smiles and “wee looks” that we get, they are greatfully received. Thank you to all who donated this week, its wonderful and all who took part in 10k’s this week and triathlons, a very emotional weekend was had by all concerned, thank you, Calum would be so proud of you all. May I take this opportunity again to remind anyone that hasn’t joined “everyclick.com”, as their search engine to please do so,it doesn’t cost you anything but generates the charity an income each month. The fund stands at £53,911.03 today. More fundraising events happening this weekend, so enjoy…

Tuesday, 08 May 2007 00:00

Guess what we are over £50,000!!!
Here we are again, another week down the line, and yet another new target reached, £50,000 how amazing is that?!! We have had an awsome week, thank you at the start of the week to all who now have set up standing orders and direct debits, the 1st of the month has taken on a whole new meaning for us!!! Anyone who is interested in this idea, please contact us direct and we can advise you of the sorting code and bank account number, it is a wonderful idea and once the cabin is up and running will help to pay for the running costs, so thank you. We would again like to thank all individuals, clubs, businesses and societies for their support this week ,whether it is a bag of pennies or a wonderful cheque, they are all warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Friday and Saturday, saw us bag packing in Somerfield, we were in from 8 in the morning until 8 at night, it was two days that were filled with laughter (and some tears) and we can’t say a big enough thank you to all who gave of their time and energy and of their “pennies” when shopping, in Somerfield it was a record we raised £1701.63 on Friday and £1852.84 on…

Tuesday, 01 May 2007 00:00

We are over £40,000!!!, we are 1/2 way there!!!
Here we are another amazing week. It is truly inspiring all of your generosity. This week saw, sponsor money from Rothesay Academy (£5027.25), baking for our stall at Anne’s Dance Festival on Saturday (which raised £407.30), and Race Night proceeds (£3702,still more to come in, we hope the final figure will be about £4,200!!),plus personal and business donations, thank you all so much, it seems such a small thing to say, so a BIG THANK YOU to all, you are making Calum’s dream come true, and in the coming months and years are helping terminally ill children make memories that their families will treasure forever, something that money can’t buy. This week, is really busy again, we are bag packing on Friday and Saturday and there are collections on the boat for Jazz Festival Weekend,thank you to everyone who has donated their time and energy. We close Monday 30th April at £46,269.57 (10 weeks on 2nd May was Calum’s service when we started the appeal - we could never have envisaged such wonderful support - THANK YOU AGAIN)

Friday, 27 April 2007 00:00

Variety Club - Scotland
I know I am a day late again this week, but I thought I would wait and update so I could include our meeting today with the Variety Club. Today we were invited by the Variety Club to meet with Mr Jack Zimmer, and Mr David White, Chairman of Variety Club Scotland. The Variety Club had arranged to bring 1000 children to Bute, to enjoy a day of fun, this included clowns, police dogs, mountain rescue teams,radio Clyde, horse rides, motor bike rides,helicoptor displays and many more things. At approx 1pm we were invited onto their stage and were presented with a cheque for £74,000!!!!! We aren’t getting the money exactly, so you won’t see it going onto our total, we simply have to send The Variety Club our bills for Calums Cabin. What more can we say…………………………………..speechless eh!!!! (and thank you!!!!) Thanks again this week, to all our runners in last weeks Glasgow 10k and Good Luck to those who are running again this week, some of you I know have completed 3 10k’s and some are going for 5 10k’s, you really are super fit folks, and we thank you very much for all your sponsorship work. Infact anyone who has run in the name of “Calum’s Cabin” this year - thank you.…

Wednesday, 25 April 2007 00:00

We are a Charity
Big News this week, we have heard back from OSCR, and we have been granted charitable status, so we are officially now a Charity,”Calum’s Cabin” is registered on the Scottish Charity Register with the charity number SCO38054. This means we will be able to gain tax relief on all monies as long as we have a fully signed Gift Aid Form, and anyone paying by Standing Order or Direct Debit can you please contact us and we will send a form out to you. There have been loads of events happening again and we are ever so grateful to everyone, who has organsied, attended, helped put in raffle prizes, sold tickets, you name it, whatever anyone has done THANK YOU. This week, is busy again with fund raising, and with the weather getting better marathons and fun runs are starting - so good luck to all who are doing such things - you put Duncan, Jenna and I to shame!!!! Remember anyone that fancies an hour bag packing on 4th and 5th May, please e-mail on calenna@fsmail.net. Thank you again to everyone, we are eternally grateful. We close tonight Monday 16th April £34,347.42

Tuesday, 24 April 2007 00:00

You can raise money for us through your search engine!!!
Calums Cabin has had yet another really busy and productive week. Yet again more letters have been written and now rewritten or at least follow-ups to reiterate that we now have charitable status. We have also been chasing up and sending out Gift Aid forms to people who have requested them, and also people who are now making a monthly contribution, for all the running costs of the cabin in the future. Thanks again this week to all who have donated; clubs, businesses, societies, individuals, infact everyone, THANKYOU, you are making our dream come true, it is absolutley wonderful, we are eternally grateful. This week also saw our application to www.everyclick.com be accepted. This now means that everytime anyone who uses the internet and a search engine, Calums Cabin will receive income from you. Maybe sounds complicated, but I can guarantee you, it’s really simple and I would ask you all to please sign up and start using it.There is absolutely no cost to the user and no cost to the charity. Simply log into www.everyclick.com and then when the page comes up, it will ask for the charity that you wish to select, simply put in “Calums Cabin” and our details will come up and you agree to using them, say instead of google…