Monday, 26 March 2007 17:19

We are over £20,000!!! in just over 5 weeks
Another really busy week, lots of activities are being planned and organised, and everyone is being so supportive, it is wonderful. There are so many events happening that we don’t even know about, so again thankyou to each and every person,business,society and club. To everyone who has and is organising events,running marathons,having stalls,writing letters,sending emails,all of you,thankyou. This week also saw OSCR the charitable status body confirming that they had received our application and were looking at it. So that is a good sign. We also spent some time this week looking at all options for the Cabin,there are quite a few and we have to decide carefully when spending such a large amount of money. Today, Monday saw an article in the Greenock Telegraph,it was a lovely full page article, Calum would have been pleased with it. Today Monday 26th March 2007 we close at £20,738.51. Superb

Thursday, 22 March 2007 17:13

The retiring offering at Calum’s service started our fundraising with the wonderful amount of £3248.08. That was 10 days ago and since then donations have been coming in daily. Today the sum to date is £7437.32 (fantastic). The cabin that we aim to purchase will be approx. £100,000 (full estimates not received yet, to allow for disabled facilities) Tonight (Saturday) local young farmers are having a charity dance all proceeds going to Calum’s cabin. Venue - Shinty Pavillion, 8pm - 1am Tickets £5 available at door. Wednesday 7th March - Ettrick Bay Tearoom - all proceeds taken for that day will go to Calum’s cabin please come along if you can (hopefully Dunno the Clown will be making an appearance!!!) Other fundraising events are being talked about, we will keep you updated. If you would like to help please click on the button below. You will be directed to a PayPal page where you can use all major credit cards to make a secure donation.

Monday, 19 March 2007 17:19

Another really busy week, Sunday, we had quite an easy day, then on Monday Duncan and I went to Greenock and visited the Greenock Telegraph, article will appear within the next few weeks and then Greenock Morton Footlball Club. Susan at Morton, came up with a good few ideas, so at the next home game there will be a wee article about Calum and what we are achieving. Then next season we will be allowed to have donating buckets at the ground. Tuesday, Duncan made yet more magic tricks, and I wrote more letters. Again, the door and phone were constantly busy, we will welcome anyone bearing cash or a cheque (only kidding) Wednesday, more letters, some responses to letters with some great raffle prizes, helping some people to arrange events. Thursday, saw Duncan start to help with the t-shirt making, and Jenna and I were sending more letters and researching to get addresses. Friday, was a great day, Duncan went and collected 700 daffodils for sale on Saturday, and then we all went and helped make the t-shirts, a great day was had by all (Thankyou to all who helped). Saturday, daffodil selling and delivering, helping the boys at Montague Street Gardens (well really just getting wet, because they were doing a grand job…