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You can raise money for us through your search engine!!!

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Calums Cabin has had yet another really busy and productive week. Yet again more letters have been written and now rewritten or at least follow-ups to reiterate that we now have charitable status.

We have also been chasing up and sending out Gift Aid forms to people who have requested them, and also people who are now making a monthly contribution, for all the running costs of the cabin in the future.

Thanks again this week to all who have donated; clubs, businesses, societies, individuals, infact everyone, THANKYOU, you are making our dream come true, it is absolutley wonderful, we are eternally grateful.

This week also saw our application to www.everyclick.com be accepted. This now means that everytime anyone who uses the internet and a search engine, Calums Cabin will receive income from you. Maybe sounds complicated, but I can guarantee you, it’s really simple and I would ask you all to please sign up and start using it.There is absolutely no cost to the user and no cost to the charity. Simply log into www.everyclick.com and then when the page comes up, it will ask for the charity that you wish to select, simply put in “Calums Cabin” and our details will come up and you agree to using them, say instead of google and everytime you use them, the charity will receive monies.

Anyway, I know you all enjoy reading our weekly update, but the most important part that you all really are after is, the final total - tonight is £36,946.52. Superb!!

This weekend sees us having a stall at the Dancing Festival in the Pavillion on Saturday and then on Saturday Night we have a Race Night at the Shinty Pavillion, from 8pm anyone wishing to come, please email me as soon as possible, since tickets are nearly all sold out. There are lots of other events happening, most of which I don’t know about, so sorry I can’t publisise them here, but thankyou to everyone who is organising them. Oh, and lets not forget Rothesay Primary has their Triathlon tomorrow, so good luck to all the children and lets hope that the weather is good for them, we will be there cheering you on, Calum loved competing last year and his sense of achievement when he completed it was evident on his wee face, it was heartbreaking - so our thoughts are with each and everyone tomorrow.

Thank you again, each and everyone, our fund is only at this fantastic level because of you.

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