Tuesday, 15 May 2007 00:00


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Tuesday again, where do all the days of the week go?!!! Duncan, Jenna and I are back to basics this week again, I have sent away a lot of fundraising letters and Duncan and Jenna are back to making magic tricks. Poor Duncan has also learned how to fold letters and put everything in the envelopes!!

This week was busy again, just the way we want it to be,everyone is so kind, and we would like to thank everyone again for their generosity, not only on the financial front, for “Calum’s Cabin”, but on the emotional front, you are all great and very thoughtful, and we thank you for all your email,written,text messages, not to forget the hugs,smiles and “wee looks” that we get, they are greatfully received.

Thank you to all who donated this week, its wonderful and all who took part in 10k’s this week and triathlons, a very emotional weekend was had by all concerned, thank you, Calum would be so proud of you all.

May I take this opportunity again to remind anyone that hasn’t joined “everyclick.com”, as their search engine to please do so,it doesn’t cost you anything but generates the charity an income each month.

The fund stands at £53,911.03 today. More fundraising events happening this weekend, so enjoy them if you are attending, anyone reading this today Tuesday 15th May, if you fancy a cake and a cup of coffee, the Royal Bank of Scotland is the place to be!!

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