Wednesday, 22 November 2017 12:04

Charity Football Day

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Thank you so much to The Help Project and Brandane Bulls for organising a charity football tournament. There were over 90 players today split into 3 ages groups...
It was wonderful to see all the players out in the fresh air having good fun playing football. If you want the honest truth it felt quite hard. It was the 10th Anniversary Football Tournament, and I looked at lots of the wee faces and thought many of them hadn’t been born when we lost Calum, they didn’t know Calum. However by playing football in his memory they were learning about him and the legacy he has left behind to help others who are suffering from cancer. Calum and Jenna loved nothing more than having our back garden full of friends and playing football. So thank you again to everyone who took part and organised the event it means so much to Duncan, Jenna and I. Xx
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