Wednesday, 07 February 2018 15:59

2018 Bookings

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This picture that I’ve taken from my email, makes me very proud and sad at the same time...
So proud that we can help so many families who have a child suffering from cancer or a cancer related disease and so sad that we only now have 9 weeks left until 2019 and actually that is less since a couple of the weeks in green have been provisionally booked, the columns are for Calums Cabin, Calums Cabin Cottage and Mountstuart, they are a very powerful message I feel but also make me feel horrendous at the same time that there are so many families going through what we went/go through on a daily basis. This picture doesn’t include all the families who are on our waiting lists. I thank each and every person who helps Calums Cabin in anyway, whether it be volunteering, fundraising, regular donations any way at all thank you, honestly the difference you are making is indescribable, and I apologise if I fill the page sometimes with too many fundraising events but by looking at this availability we have and how many weeks are booked this is why. Thank you x
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