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Kiltwalk for Calums Cabin

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Dylan Lewis was not your typical teenager. His Mum, Dawn described her 14 year old son as much older than his years who always saw the person first and not their age.
He loved having a cup of tea, he loved animals and was a kind and compassionate boy who was full of mischief, always cracking jokes. Dylan was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) when he was only 13. GBM is a type of brain tumour that can sometimes spread to other parts of the brain. Thanks to this rare cancer, Dylan had to travel from his home in the tiny village of Tarves, Aberdeenshire to Edinburgh Sick Children’s Hospital and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for specialist treatment. Because he was a teenager, Dylan was often treated alongside older adults and often felt completely out of place nevermind missing out on so much school and normality with his friends and peers throughout that time. During Dylan’s treatment, his Mum was told about a special retreat on the Isle of Bute where children with cancer and their families could visit together and the family were offered a week’s holiday free of charge.

2018 marks the year that Dylan would have turned 17 and his Mum, Dawn is urging everyone to do something special and get involved alongside her at this year’s Kiltwalk in Aberdeen on Sunday, 3 June to help more families have the opportunity to visit Bute. Dawn said, “Dylan loved everything about his holidays to Bute – we went more than once during his treatment. He was actually offered the opportunity to go to Disneyland and further afield as his condition progressed but all he wanted was to go back time and time again to Calums Cabin Cottage. The night before going he would plan out his week - we all just visibly relaxed the minute we got on the ferry. He loved having a bowl of soup on the boat, visiting the local sweet shop, hanging around the cottage on his favourite bean bag playing video games and exploring the local surroundings on his all-terrain wheelchair with his best friend, Declan. As a parent, you just want your child to live their life to the fullest for however long that may be for and going to the cottage gave us everlasting memories we can never lose”. Calums Cabin covers the ferry fares, entrance to all visitor attractions on the island are free of charge, food hampers and spending money is provided to all visiting families.

Dylan passed away just two days before his 15th Birthday in July 2016 and is still dearly missed by everyone who knew him. Dawn said “As much as Dylan would have loved to see me skydive or get a crazy tattoo to raise these funds, I’m getting a big group of friends and family to be part of his team to remember him in our own way. What Calums Cabin does for families is something so special and The Speirs family do everything to make you feel welcome. We are keen that any other families who need it, know it’s there for them too”.

Calum’s Cabin is asking individuals, workplaces and organisations to get involved and support the charity this year to help fund its incredible work. Sign up today for The Kiltwalk in Aberdeen on Sunday 3 June, Dundee, 19 August and Edinburgh, 16 September. Last year, all of the events around Scotland raised over £100,000 for Calums Cabin thanks to just over 350 walkers who took part. Calum’s Mum and co-founder of the charity, Caroline Speirs said, “We are so grateful to Dawn for sharing Dylan’s story and for supporting us at the Kiltwalk too. To know that the money raised turns into a week of peace and special memories for our families, makes it all worth it. Thank you to everyone who is considering supporting us – you are so welcome to join our Kiltwalk team this year”. Thanks to the incredible support of The Hunter Foundation, all funds raised through The Kiltwalk will be topped up by 40% making every penny go even further. To sign up for The Kiltwalk for Calums Cabin, visit or email for more information.
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