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What a week last week.

Thank you to all who have donated again through ribbons and also through collecting cans, all these amounts fair add up, and we are very greatful. Thanks. Also again to anyone who donates in anyway, through fund raising events, dress down days at work, coffee morning, sponsored walks, through our web page, through monthly standing orders,match funding,
any way at all THANK YOU.

Friday night saw us at the Lord Provosts’ Burns Supper, there were 864 guests at the event, and we were honoured to be sitting beside some very distinguished people. May we thank all those involved for a wonderful evening and for all their hard work and most importantly all their fund raising, we don’t have a final amount yet, however, we can guarantee that a lot of money was raised. Thank you Lord Provost and Mrs Winter. We also managed to distribute a fair amount of Calum’s Cards, allowing us to spread the word, and help any family that is going through a horrendous time, watching their beloved child suffer from cancer or a cancer related disease.

Friday, also saw us begin the work on the film that the BBC are making on “Calum’s Cabin”, we must thank Derek and the camera man for their patience and the amount of times that they had to”retake”, that is something that you will begin to see quite a lot of locally from now on, that of a camera crew wandering around, so beware!!!

Talking of camera crews, may we thank RBTV for all their work on Sunday, doing filming. Thank you to all the people that we met, locations that we went to, all your patience is greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who turned out to help us in all the different establishments, it was a super day. Thanks.

This weekend sees us at another event on the mainland, spreading the word, keeping the message going.

May we say again THANK YOU, it is two short words, but honestly we are eternally greatful, and what a difference Calum’s Cabin will make, we promise.

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