Thursday, 07 February 2008 00:00


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On Sunday we were invited to The Kathy Innes Benevolent Dinner, we had a lovely time, and met some wonderful people, who give of their time and energies to great causes, and have many sad and inspirational stories to tell. Thank you for inviting us and also for the wonderful donation.

This week our first family have arrived for a well deserved holiday. So far they seem to be having a great time. Thanks to all who have helped in any way. This just emphasises what needs to be done and what can be achieved.

As some of you perhaps already know, Dr Boyd is sailing on the final leg of Round the World Yacht Race, he has asked anyone who would like to sponsor him to go onto and then follow the link. We will be thinking of him on his exciting venture.

It’s nearly a whole year since we lost our precious star, we miss Calum as much today if not more than we did then. Each and every day is a struggle, but we know that Calum always said and did, “if you can help anyone else, then that is what you do”, so that is what we are trying to do. We know “Calum’s Cabin” is being driven by Calum himself since we have mananged to reach this tremendous level in such a short space of time. We just wish to keep carrying out Calum’s wish. We miss you Calum and love you Millions. Thank you Calum.

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