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Tuesday, 30 July 2019 10:55

Where on Bute?

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Bute has so many places you can go visit...

So let us give you some insight on the beautiful places here on Bute...


Recently we have started sharing many different places on Bute on our Facebook page, hash tagging it '#WhereonBute', to give people who follow Calum's Cabin a little more insight what's available on the island including all the fantastic beaches and other incredible walkways. 

This also helps with our visiting families on where is best to go, especially when coming here to create special memories with their families. Bute is such a precious place, it creates a feeling of home, anyone who has visited the island will understand this. You may just come for the weekend but you'll be in awe - you stand in complete silence and experience a breathtaking moment as you didn't realise you could feel more at home than your own home. Bute welcomes anyone, it is a warm and close-knit community filled with love and laughter. 


You already get an amazing view when crossing from Wemyss Bay over to Bute, which is incredible... 


One of our first places we will show is the beautiful north end of our island where you can catch the shortest ferry onto Bute... Rhubodach. There is so much much to explore round this end of the island as there is an amazing forest you can walk through and can also walk up and see an old WWII bunker. 



Second on the list is Kilchattan Bay which is the south end of the island, the sunny end. Kilchattan bay is situated in the village called Kingarth, which is a very secluded, quiet and peaceful place. The beach is stunning and when the tide is out you can walk the whole way round it and it seems like it can go on forever... There is also a fantastic walk nearby that takes you to a lighthouse and another lovely beach which is perfect for a barbecue and for having a swim. This is a place definitely worth visiting when you come to Bute as it is completely breathtaking. 



We will show you more of Bute over the next few weeks so you can find out where the best places are to go...


Stay tuned :)







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