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Where on Bute Part 2

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Here we have one of the most beautiful, scenic, tranquil and breath taking places on Bute... 

The Straad 

Calum's Cabin's own personal beach, where our families get to spend time on creating special memories with their loved ones playing in the sand, splashing in the water, barbecuing on the beach, flying a kite and just letting the wind blow through there hair. 

The Straad is where Calum's Cabin is located, so literally you walk out and have the beach right on your doorstep which is a lovely and unique experience for those who maybe live in the big City. The beach itself is great as it has 2 walk ways at either side of it. One takes you out to a slip way for boats to get in and out of the water which is a lovely place to sunbathe when a hot day arrives and the other one takes you to two beautiful little cottages that look like they are on there own wee island. Next to the cottages is some old ruins, which are pretty fascinating to look at. 

We are so lucky to be located down at the Straad because it provides so much for our visiting families to see and experience. The beach being one of course, but also the wildlife around the whole area, we are so lucky to have the Donkeys in the field next to our garden where the kids gets to feed them and pat them as they are so friendly. They also get to see all the cows, sheep and horses as there is a lot of farms situated down at the Straad. 

Definitely a place for anyone coming to the Isle of Bute to visit, as it is honestly one of the most beautiful spots. 


We will show you more of Bute over the next few weeks so you can find out where the best places are to go...


Stay tuned :)










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