Tuesday, 19 February 2008 00:00

Chairmans awards and Scotland today!!!

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Today saw Scotland today coming to the Island, they were really lovely people, and we had a lovely day thanks to the weather. We discussed “Calum’s Cabin” and had some footage in the Royal Bank, followed by shots at the Straad, and some interviews there. This is all courtesy of the Royal Bank’s Chairmans awards, which are happening on Thursday. So, if you can please watch Scotland Today on Thursday or Friday evening, it is great because not only is “Calum’s Cabin” getting publicity, but the Island is getting publicity also. Duncan, Jenna and I find all the attention quite hard, but if it gets help for “Calum’s Cabin” and the word is spread, then that’s the name of the game.

We have reached a level that a year ago we could never have envisaged, it is truely amazing.

Thank you all for the help to make last weeks family have a great holiday, the feedback has all been positive, so here’s to the next family.

On the thank you front, we would like to say thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and gestures at the weekend, it was very much appreciated.

The events are beginning to start again, and hopefully by next week, I should have some details for your “coming events”!!!, dairies to the ready.

Thanks again as always.

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