Calum's Story

Calum Speirs

Calum Speirs was born on 18th November 1994, one minute before his beloved younger twin sister Jenna. Calum was a fit and healthy young man until January 2006 when his first symptoms were spotted. Within 3 days Calum was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Calums treatment included chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which Calum handled with great courage, dignity and humour for someone so young. Calum was an inspiration to all who knew and met him, he always laughed, smiled and thought of others. CALUMS CABIN was Calums idea, knowing he and his family lived in a beautiful part of the world , wouldn’t it be great to have children suffering from cancer come to Bute and make special irreplaceable memoires . Calum even organised his own funeral service to save Duncan, Jenna and I any worry or stress. We lost Calum 13 months after diagnoses on 16th February 2007. Calum lives on in Calums Cabin, and he has left us all with his drive and determination to make Calums Cabin what he would want it to be.