Thursday, 01 August 2019 14:36


Support us this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As part of Childhood Cancer Awareness month this September, will you...


Host your own Afternoon Tea for Calums Cabin 

Our Calums Cabin Ladies Afternoon Teas are famous for being full of fun, flavour and fundraising. Recreate your own Afternoon Tea at home, with friends, with

colleagues or at school, college or uni. 


How does it work? 

Ask your guests to make a donation to attend. Let everyone bring their own sweet treats and a bottle of fizz. Pimp your prosecco or apple juice for a donation, play some fun games (we love "What's in your Handbag?" or even more dangerous "What's on your phone?"). You could hold a raffle, ask everyone to follow a gold theme for their baking and clothing represent the Childhood Cancer Awareness Gold Ribbon. You could even make some little ribbons for guests to buy for a small donation to help raise awareness. 


We'll provide you with balloons, banners, materials and plenty of advice to get you set up and ready to hold an incredible afternoon. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to sign up and find out more - then we'll send you out everything you need! 


Email us on or call/ text 07544 979538